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PIQUANT: Adjective; Pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.


PIQUANT PHOTO is a photography brand by Rhode Island-based photographer and creative feminist, Justine M. Johnson. PIQUANT PHOTO offers photography services including fashion/editorial/boudoir, portraits, food & destinations, corporate events, engagements & weddings.

In her work, Justine encourages the magic of self-empowerment and teaches her subjects to shine bright in both their photos and in their lives. Her goal is simple: she aims to bring out her subject’s inner badass. Learn more about Justine’s creative process and experience in Boston Voyager’s Inspiring Stories!

Justine has taught workshops, collaborated with brands, individuals and influencers and has showcased her art in various galleries around New England. Her work has been featured in publications such as Boston Voyager, RI Monthly, Rhode Island Pride, Take Magazine, Nephilim Magazine, Motif Magazine, The Providence Journal, Providence Monthly, Broadway World, among others.

In her free time, Justine enjoys fitness, boating, travel and obsessing over dogs. She can also make a mean pizza and shows no shame in nerding out.

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Custom combo packages for wedding, engagement, and boudoir are available! A la carte print, canvas, and photo book options are available too. Contact me for more details!


I'm really excited to hear all about your upcoming plans! Please let me know of any budgets or dates and I'd be happy to work with you.

If you're interested in brand or artistic collaborations, let me know what you're thinking! I love projects and I strongly believe in the importance of sharing and supporting other artists, so let's talk!