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Terrible Angels
Surprising me with tickets to see CocoRosie headline in their last US show at the Tinderbox Music Festival, Eric and I traveled down to New York and spent what could be one of the best weekends in a while with friends and free booze and music. We got to the main stage early enough to be right up against the gate. Bianca and Sierra came out on the stage in long, flowy robes and with the lights and the sound and the shadows, they looked like mages (I think that actually slipped out of my lips as they appeared on stage). Sierra's voice echoed in waves of color and emotion. She danced with no reserve. Bianca, childlike and distant, floated around her microphone like it was a security blanket. She looked beautiful.

I can't even explain how wonderful and spiritual this show was. It was evident the band had a great time too (Sierra actually inadvertently crowd surfed after their encore). The photos don't even do it justice.

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Alexus Lee: Let Me Listen
Alexus Lee and I decided to have a quick second shoot while in was in Boston last week for the 4th. To put it simply, the day wasn't as easy as we both hoped. The two of us were both just... off.

 Even though we were both not exactly feeling up to par, I sensed a mutual comfortability between us.  We moved between the roles of leader and follower pretty easily. Though the weirdness factor of the camera was still present; it was slight. Later on the day, while we walked around the city, we brainstormed ways to overcome it, (all of this emotion we're trying to convey is primal, we remembered. No need to complicate it further.)

We decided to move from her apartment into her building's stairwell. As we shot, we held a conversation, interrupted occasionally by text message beeps and neighbors doing laundry. We talked a bit about her album and the stresses and frustrations of buckling down with a concise and cohesive direction. We shot with a clearer idea in mind but after leaving the shoot, I felt as though the day wasn't as productive as planned.

With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the result I saw when I uploaded these today. We took around 600/700 photos and maybe 15-ish of them are keepers, (I have a feeling that's going to be a typical turnout these days...).

Alexus' Facebook music page is launching soon (tomorrow/today maybe?) so you can find these, among others, there. Her debut album titled "QUIET," is due to release on July 21st. Keep your ears open. This girl is going places.

Alexus Lee
Last Sunday, I traveled to Boston and had a great shoot with an old high school friend and Berklee College of Music sophomore, Alexus Lee. We had brunch at this noisy little bookstore/cafe on Newbury Street and sat next to a guy with tentacle tattoos. It was warm and we chatted for a while about her upcoming debut EP and the direction she wanted to take her music career. We discovered how to take the screens off her window to get to the fourth floor fire escape so I put on my big girl pants and climbed onto the rusty thing like it was no big deal. I dearly missed my sense of adventure.

It was wonderful and refreshing to keep up with her and produce something we both felt confident in. That's the great thing about working with other artists: the chemistry is usually very noticeable. The mix of medias, between music and photo, created a reaction that I've never quite experienced before. We were both spent by the end of the day. I got home, full and satiated, and collapsed on my bed.

I'm hoping this is the start to something new.