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Not Your Mama's Jane Eyre
The original plan for this collaboration shoot with Outloud Theatre was going to be on-location in Newport, RI. We were going to hold our newest collaboration for Jane Eyre in a mansion. I envisioned the shoot to be clean, minimal and wide angled. Pearl and pink and blue shadows. Something different than my usual candid fashion work. However, the plan changed and we were relocated to the theatre space the cast would be performing in in Providence. After I arrived at the space, digested the fact that we were in a fourth floor church loft with no AC, and sensed the heat-stricken low in the room, I decided that we should work with what we had. 

Little make up, minimal costume, let's roll with the sweat. We agreed that, this was going to be the morning after. Don't be afraid to act and get sexy. Let's get to know this struggle. Show me what your character can't show to other people. This direction, so I found, was somehow awakening. Our frequencies matched and it was inspiring. I was quickly told "this isn't your mama's Jane Eyre" anyway.

Shakespearean Sirens: Gender-Bending The Bard
Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of taking part in another outstanding show by the super talented ladies in OUTLOUD Theatre. Keeping on trend with their female-led cast and avant garde methods of live performance, OUTLOUD took on Shakespeare's tragic and comedic frontmen and addressed them with a new pronoun. Bending The Bard refreshed the way we look at Shakespeare in gender and attitude and costuming and styling. It's really so impressive to see what this team can do with their shows, especially by taking complex performances and breaking them down into digestible, real and raw pieces of contemporary art. Bending The Bard moves beyond the gender binary and addresses Shakespeare's classics with a transformative new attitude fit for our current age. In short, these ladies kick ass.

I got the chance to work with each actor individually, talking through and photographing their character's defining moments and major moral dilemmas. Because it was a warm day (with really bright sunlight) and our first adventuring outside for our location, it was a challenge to balance capturing the concept and handling the technical aspects of shooting in direct light. Regardless, I was still on a high from my west coast trip, so I felt that the overexposed highlights and soft midtones would reflect the urban/etherial looks I was going for. Thanks, VSCO, for helping me out on this one.

Also, check out this great write-up from WPRO 630's Frank O'Donnell on the show!

Beth as Benedick

Lauren as Brutus

Ari as Ferdinand

Sarah as Hamlet

Erika and Sarah as Horatio and Hamlet

Katie as Malvolio

Emily as Macbeth

Meredith + Jada: Redefining Vogue
As the last part of our MSPCA pet adoption promotion, we met Jada, a 7-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix and fashion model who naturally loved the spotlight and knew how to work her best angles. Throughout this entire collaboration, I fought so hard not to get attached to the furry friends we met that day, but I honestly wanted to take this dog home with me. Not only was she so sweet and polite, but whenever I hung behind to snap a photo or two during our walks, she would frequently look back at me to make sure I was still there... (when I first noticed that, my heart almost exploded). She and Meredith matched pinks and posed beautifully on the front steps of the original portion of the vet building for an en-vogue look. Meredith is wearing the beautiful Kate Spade dress pictured below which is reminiscent of Jackie O's signature style. For more details on her wardrobe and her Kate Spade collaboration, check out Meredith blog ThoughtfulWish.

A Little Bit Of Spunk And Grace
As a part of our MSPCA collaboration, Meredith Wish and I met Spunky, a 10-year-old Wheaten Terrier who just wanted to play and be loved, and Gracie, an adorably sweet Pit bBull-mix who was lucky enough to get adopted that same day. We romped around the grounds of the MSPCA-Angell campus, played fetch and fed these two love bugs hot dogs. Check out Meredith's blog, ThoughtfulWish, to see how she styled her Kate Spade and Lily Pulitzer For Target wardrobe for the day.

Meredith Wish + Patches the Cat
Last weekend I had the chance to take part in a very special photo shoot with designer and fashion blogger, Meredith Wish of ThoughtfulWish and a few adorable animals. Meredith and I met at the MSPCA-Angell in Jamaica Plain and got the chance to meet a few new furry friends at the shelter. Meredith is a long-time collaborator with the MSPCA and struck up the idea to spotlight some of the sweet cats and dogs that are available for adoption.

We met Patches first inside a "cat colony" where the cats are able to hang out with their friends. He was curled up in a spot in the sun and clearly loved the idea of visitors there to pet him. He was a chill senior cat and rolled over for us upon greeting. He even guilted us with this pathetic stare every time we would spend a little too much time focusing on the pose and and not on scratching behind his ears. If you're interested in adopting Patches, check out the MSPCA-Angell for notes on how.

Check out Meredith's blog, ThoughtfulWishfor more photos from the day and her fashion recommendations for this shoot!

Let's get real though, my idea of an afterlife: just spending the rest of my days photographing fabulous fashion with kitties and puppies. Who could argue...

Ooooh... belly scratches.

A few weeks back, I teamed up with the always amazing cast and crew of OUT LOUD Theatre for my third art collaboration in their upcoming show Rhinoceros. Rhinoceros, written by Eugene Ionesco, tells the story of a small town who suddenly experience a Rhinoceros trampling through their peaceful streets. The story explores the concept of a sweeping "movement" through the lens of "average citizens" transforming into "instinctual beasts". We aimed to create a portrait series capturing the color and exuberant nature of these characters before the sweeping gloom and doom of the grey Rhinoceros takes hold.

It's always a delight to work with the shows OUT LOUD produces, as it gives both us the opportunity to stretch our artistic muscles and create a solid body of work that will complement the show nicely and stand alone as a coherent, fashion editorial series.