Yes, it's been a while since I've last posted. I turned 26 yesterday (though I feel much older) and took the day off so I could pamper myself (spa, coffee & relaxing with a dog) but also to catch up on some photo work.

I took a hiatus through the turn of the year to give myself some breathing room. A couple family deaths, the holidays and moving all while maintaining a full time job and my side-hustle was taking a toll on my health, so I felt like the break was needed. But the sun is shining and it's been a mild February, so I'm bulking up on my Vitamin D and getting back on the saddle.

Back in December I worked with my gorgeous cousin to create a short fashion film for my Mastered class. As difficult as it was, it was a great exercise in balancing moving pictures and . I knew the aesthetic I wanted but truly was just winging it as far as piecing the film together. My goal is to finish the film by March and then start on another look. But here are a few stills from the shoot.

Model: Amy Johnson

Coastal Siren/Urban Lioness: Olivia K in Providence
I recently had the opportunity to shoot with the gorgeous and fierce Olivia Khoshatefeh in Providence. Currently wrapping up her degree at Brown University/Trinity Repertory MFA Acting program, she's been on the search for acting jobs in New York and LA. And though Providence isn't a city quite like either of those fast-paced contenders, it certainly provided us with a wonderful backdrop for a photo shoot with a focus on fashion and glamour. Olivia's amazing makeup (MU by jennairv_mua at MAC Providence... check her out on Instagram!), untamed hair and flowy and sensual Free People dress added to the boho-chic, mermaid magic we created by the water at India Point Park. I've never seen a girl climb down rocks in a dress and wedges before this shoot. Ultimate badass.

After a quick wardrobe change into a number a little more on the wild side, we wandered over to the Financial District and RISD to explore some street-style photos with an urban-jungle twist. I felt a rush shooting with mid-afternoon city traffic behind me and the energy certainly paid off. The more we shot, the more the city fueled us. We were on fire.

This boss lady was an absolute pleasure to work with. To see more of her work, check out her website at

Not Your Mama's Jane Eyre
The original plan for this collaboration shoot with Outloud Theatre was going to be on-location in Newport, RI. We were going to hold our newest collaboration for Jane Eyre in a mansion. I envisioned the shoot to be clean, minimal and wide angled. Pearl and pink and blue shadows. Something different than my usual candid fashion work. However, the plan changed and we were relocated to the theatre space the cast would be performing in in Providence. After I arrived at the space, digested the fact that we were in a fourth floor church loft with no AC, and sensed the heat-stricken low in the room, I decided that we should work with what we had. 

Little make up, minimal costume, let's roll with the sweat. We agreed that, this was going to be the morning after. Don't be afraid to act and get sexy. Let's get to know this struggle. Show me what your character can't show to other people. This direction, so I found, was somehow awakening. Our frequencies matched and it was inspiring. I was quickly told "this isn't your mama's Jane Eyre" anyway.

Left Coast: Hollywood Farmers Market
It's been a month since I've been back from my west coast trek and it's taken me this long to organize my photos and process the trip as a whole. We accomplished and saw so much in that two and a half week span. There was a lot to think about. There also was look through and edit and I'm only a quarter of the way through the work. I needed to leave Boston to realign my chakras and figure out what my priorities were again. I needed to immerse myself in LA and relax with my best friend. I needed to let go and when I did, strangely and magically it made me feel more in control. Finding words to capture a strongly visual and visceral experience for me is incredibly difficult, so I'm finding, and I'm trying to get comfortable with the prospect of writing it out again. I used to keep a journal and did so for years and years but I'm just now starting to shake off the rust and get back on that bike.

Sunday 17 05 15
The idea for the day was to go to Hollywood Boulevard for lunch, decompress, and hang out by A's roofdeck pool. We had walked past these apartments the day before and I admired the sleek and polished design. In real life I played it cool but in my head I was impressed by how swanky this all sounded. This was such a step away from my idea of normal, and I felt no friction at the prospect of dedicating an entire day of my vacation for that. I had been in Hollywood twice before and long enough by this point to have a vague sense of familiarity with the area. I started to understand where we could find the best parking and how to get there. We found the same open parking spot on a residential side street (the spot under the tree and in front of the kooky house with the stenciled graffiti PBR logo on the uneven sidewalk) and walked to our destination like natives. The apartment's windowed wall overlooked the walk of stars and it made me slightly depressed. I couldn't explain why. I met their cross-eyed cat and watched as he took a shit while staring seriously and deadpan out the same window onto the boulevard below. I had a good laugh at that one. We talked about lunch and goat cheese and jars of pickles at the farmers market and the food lust I had at that moment was dangerous, which made exploring the treasures I found all the sweeter.

We walked a couple blocks and it was obvious where we were once we arrived. The smells of foods and meat-smokers and spices wafted through thick air and in the heat, everything felt much closer and heavier. Tent space was tight and limited and people were floating everywhere. Plates of curry and chicken flimsily grasped in hands, friends and families moving slowly in packs, flowers and potted greens strewn in partitioned areas, dogs and children on leashes. I was startled and thrilled by the mass of people and kindled energy covering every square of the block. It was all so enchanting. Admittedly, I have a hard time staying present when I find myself in a such an active environment, and whether it stems from always people watching or training as a street photographer, my overwhelming instinct is to step back, wait, and photograph. But even then, sometimes I slip. For whatever reason I didn't bring my 35mm with me, so I pushed my overworked iPhone to try to capture and get a sense of what I was seeing. I was surrounded by exquisite people, places, sounds, and smells and I was on alert. I was watching and listening to the most diverse and comfortable crowd interact and share and embrace the culture around them. I was entranced by everyone. I fell away from our group and stared for too long. I ordered a grilled breakfast burrito like a naughty girl and ate it very slowly despite being a bit dazed and probably hangry. I lingered. J had to remind me that we had planned to go back and chill and I complied. What a beautiful sight.

To see what's up at the Hollywood Farmers Market, which is open year round and just generally a kick ass thing to visit, check out for a roster of the wonderful vendors.

And then, of course, we happen to stumble upon Mad Men Farewell red carpet event while walking back. We didn't have the opportunity to stay (we were hurried along by security) but I did get to see how on fleek Kiernan Shipka's eyebrows were when I peeked behind the gate. It was a pretty perfect way to end such a stimulating experience. Lesson learned: always expect the unexpected when you're traipsing around Hollywood. And always bring your camera.

Shakespearean Sirens: Gender-Bending The Bard
Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of taking part in another outstanding show by the super talented ladies in OUTLOUD Theatre. Keeping on trend with their female-led cast and avant garde methods of live performance, OUTLOUD took on Shakespeare's tragic and comedic frontmen and addressed them with a new pronoun. Bending The Bard refreshed the way we look at Shakespeare in gender and attitude and costuming and styling. It's really so impressive to see what this team can do with their shows, especially by taking complex performances and breaking them down into digestible, real and raw pieces of contemporary art. Bending The Bard moves beyond the gender binary and addresses Shakespeare's classics with a transformative new attitude fit for our current age. In short, these ladies kick ass.

I got the chance to work with each actor individually, talking through and photographing their character's defining moments and major moral dilemmas. Because it was a warm day (with really bright sunlight) and our first adventuring outside for our location, it was a challenge to balance capturing the concept and handling the technical aspects of shooting in direct light. Regardless, I was still on a high from my west coast trip, so I felt that the overexposed highlights and soft midtones would reflect the urban/etherial looks I was going for. Thanks, VSCO, for helping me out on this one.

Also, check out this great write-up from WPRO 630's Frank O'Donnell on the show!

Beth as Benedick

Lauren as Brutus

Ari as Ferdinand

Sarah as Hamlet

Erika and Sarah as Horatio and Hamlet

Katie as Malvolio

Emily as Macbeth

Helmut Lang Gives Me Power
Yesterday was the important kind of day where I knew I had to be a boss lady and look like a million bucks. I came, I went, and I conquered, but I also had to show off this incredible Helmut Lang linen blend vest I picked up at Nordstom Rack. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I fell in love with its smart, geometric shape. This kind of garment flirts with androgyny by teetering on the edges of boxy and fitted, while actually flattering a curvy figure like mine. 

I wanted to look both professional and edgy, so I decided to wear a simple and breathable v-neck chiffon blouse by Ro & De under the vest.

Sondra Roberts winged cross body, also available at Nordstrom Rack. I call this my mini, inexpensive Chloe bag. A girl can dream right?

Paired with my all-time favorite witchy ankle boot, Pizzazz by John Fluevog
Dogs of Hope Street
One of the greatest things I love about Providence is how much everyone loves their pets. Dogs, cats, birds, you name it. People love their animal friends. If you're taking a stroll along Hope Street, you'll most likely see decorative dishes of water outside of shops and hand-painted jars of treats adorned on checkout counters. Some bakeries even have the spoils of gourmet pet food menus.

Seeing so many happy dogs at the Hope Street Block Party not only made my heart swell, but led me to taking an ungodly amount of photos of the pups I encountered. Here are a few of my favorites.